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Dispute Resolution

In association with “Abdelrehim Amr Legal Advisors” and based on our civil law and common law track record, we focus on the commercial objectives of clients, while evaluating in details the legal risk. We analyze the negotiating weaknesses of opponents and opt for best procedural tactics or creative settlement approaches.

Our lawyers settle disputes in the most appropriate manner, whether by mediation, adjudication or expert determination. We advise our clients on the pros and cons of using arbitration, the different geographical options available and the options for tailoring arbitration clauses to the needs of different contracts, parties, geographies and legal systems.

ARA has an extensive investigating capabilities whether it be in Egypt or more broadly in the MENA region. We use our network and connections to investigate even the most complex of issues and to advise our clients when they face enforcement obstacles due to regulatory constraints. Our multi-jurisdictional presence through our various partnerships means we possess the resources and cultural sensitivity to conduct global investigations and to harmonize the reaction to regulatory investigation in numerous jurisdictions.