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ARA Legal Advisors

Development Program

ARA Legal Advisors Development program 2022

ARA Legal Advisors sustained by serving the Egyptian legal community through connecting early stages with professional legal experts to cross the gap between theoretical education & hands-on work experience.
We designed diverse & specialized legal training programs that will enhance youth connected to the Egyptian market.
ARA Legal Advisors provides free sessions, legal seminars and technical workshops focused & comprehensive programs for:

1- Individuals
2- Organizations.

Our aim is to raise awareness and improve legal practice to enhance professional development through expert professions that are prominent in their field.

Programs 2022:

• Fundamentals of legal research
• Litigation Lawyer
• Corporate Lawyer
• Banking Lawyer
• Arbitration
• Contracts drafting
• Corporate Governance
• Human rights
• Qualified Legislator & Policymaker
• Professional business skills
• ARASP development program 2022

For more information about upcoming program please send an email to ARA Legal advisors business development department at: