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On board we have a dedicated team of lawyers and compliance officers to deal with the emerging field of compliance. Some of our works include the drafting and making of codes of conduct, advising on the applicability of sanctions when dealing with specific entities and individuals. Providing on the ground trainings in companies headquarters and business units regarding ABC (Anti Bribery & Corruption ) practices. We have also developed in many companies across the region specifically tailored whistle blowing mechanisms which proved to be very practical.
Our regulatory practice spans the key concerns that our clients have to deal with. It includes anti-trust, state aid and procurement, compliance and ethics issues including anti-bribery and corruption, sanctions, data protection and financial regulation. We advise on matters of corporate governance, reporting, and disclosure requirements and in the industrial and environmental sphere on regulatory requirements applicable to project development, operations, product stewardship and legacy liabilities.
Above all, in providing clients with regulatory advice, our aim is to support you both in relation to current issues, and as in terms of forewarning you and assisting with preparations for incoming and future requirements.